Guarantees with us

Guarantees with us

About guarantees with us

There are different types of guarantee concepts on the market, and the same concept does not necessarily mean the same thing for different companies. Below I try to compile the variants that we at Solhem Husbil AB use:

New car warranty . New cars sold in Sweden are covered by the new car guarantee - usually 2 years from the first registration. It means that all faults due to materials or manufacturing - are rectified at no cost to the customer, with the exception of wearing parts (lamps, water pump, fuses, batteries, etc.). The new car warranty consists of two parts - the "car part": the driveline, cab, wheels, etc. that are guaranteed by the chassis supplier (eg Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, VW) and the living part: everything that has to do with "house" - the functions, which are guaranteed by us, or the original Swedish supplier. Please note - privately imported cars are not automatically covered by the new car warranty on the living space. On the other hand, the car part is usually covered by a certain guarantee from Fiat, for example in accordance with EU regulations.

Function guarantee.  It is a commitment from us that we guarantee that all systems in the motorhome work. It includes the living area's equipment as it was delivered from the factory, eg boiler, sunroofs, electrical system etc. Does not automatically include previously retrofitted multimedia (TV, reversing camera, stereo) unless the installation was carried out by us or a company approved by us. Function guarantee does not cover cosmetic defects and does not normally include wear and tear and wear parts such as lamps, fuses, water pump, batteries, nor frost damage that occurred after delivery. Normal wear and tear is also age-dependent. A new motorhome is expected to be in top condition, a 15-year-old motorhome is expected to be quite worn. Example - leaking faucet is covered by a function guarantee but not ugly stains on the shower floor.

Road safety guarantee.  The car you buy from us must be safe in traffic. The traffic safety guarantee applies to all systems that affect the car's traffic safety: brakes, steering, wheel suspension, headlights, audible signal, tires etc. No wearing parts (lamps, fuses, brake pads, batteries, etc.), not the car's electronics, not the driveline. Example - a broken parking brake is covered by the road safety guarantee, a broken turbo is not covered. ABS lamp yes, engine lamp - no. In case of doubtful assessment - it is the inspection company's statement that applies. Does the car test say that e.g. tires must be replaced - then the warranty applies. If the car goes through the inspection - then we consider it traffic safe.

Moisture or Tightness Guarantee.  Voluntary commitment from manufacturers of classic motorhomes (not vans or plates). Assumes annual approved humidity checks. Gives the customer the right to free action in case moisture damage occurs during the warranty period. 
Example - moisture rash on body joints entails free repair, moisture damage due to collision or incorrectly fitted accessories by the customer does not apply.

If the car was bought from us, always contact us first for a warranty measure, it is not certain that other suppliers can or may repair the motorhome on the warranty.

Also keep in mind that most insurance companies offer motor insurance and the like which can be helpful if major errors occur.

Of course, we always try to help our customers - so contact us even if the warranty has expired - we can have tips or contacts that make it easier.