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Sell ​​your motorhome quickly, easily and safely!

Sales of motorhomes have been fantastic in 2021 and we hope for an even better 2022.
Solhem Motorhome is the market leader when it comes to sheet metal and smaller motorhomes, with many satisfied customers - so we are constantly looking for more items for sale. If for some reason you want to sell your motorhome - without hassle and risk - we probably have a suitable service:

Our idea for sales assignments: fast, smooth and secure!

Fast: We sell many motorhomes all the time and are happy to get more items for sale. We have many customers who visit us daily and are looking for affordable motorhomes. Sales take place all year round, but between February and October it is high season. We sell about 200 new and used motorhomes per year, of which about 50 are sales assignments. None of the cars have been parked for more than a month during the high season, but most will be sold within a week or so.

Flexible: Good motorhomes are bought in cash or received for sales assignments. Fixed 8% commission - SEK 25,000 minimum. If the car was originally bought from us, the commission is only 6% - without a minimum amount. Long experience = correct and fast valuation. Popular and easy-to-sell car = higher price. We solve debts. We fix transport, test drive, moisture, gas and function tests, financing, exchange, etc. - You get money immediately. We have our own workshop so any errors or problems can be fixed quickly and easily.
Note! We do not buy scrap cars or severely damaged cars - only non-moisture-damaged, clean and functional motorhomes from 2001-2021. Small fixes or inspections are of course no problem.

Safe: Safety is important in large deals, and we take this into account by:
- ​​We have comprehensive corporate insurance, this also applies to customer cars
- We follow ARN's recommendations for guarantees, etc.
- We follow the ISO standard when it comes to computer systems, document and key management with two separate fire-rated safes
- You keep the registration certificate until we find a paying named buyer
- The company has been around since 2009 and now has sales of approximately SEK 95,000,000 on motorhome sales. Annual reports are available to the public online.
- We are resellers for Ecster, Movera, Truma, Sunlight, VanTourer, Westfalia, Globe-Traveler and have direct connection to the Swedish Transport Agency's vehicle data etc.
- We are approved for sales trolley signs and also have the Swedish Transport Agency's rental permit.
- We can cite many satisfied customers as a reference

Call us for valuation, or use the email form below - You will receive a preliminary price proposal immediately.

The whole process looks like this:

  1. You as the owner of the object show us the motorhome. We quickly look at basic data, ie. make, model, engine, mileage, equipment and recommended starting price. We use Camp Förlag's statistics on motorhomes sold and Verendus Data as a starting point. Of course, pricing is also about feeling and the current market situation. We sell many motorhomes every week - and have very good control of the market.  
  2. If we agree, we sign sales assignment agreements that normally apply for three months. The car's condition and service history are reported there.
  3. The motorhome then undergoes a proper moisture and function test - a receipt of the condition and a basis for future cost calculation.
  4. At that time, you can park the car - now it is our motor insurance that applies - however, keep the garage insurance.
  5. Now we make the motorhome "nice" for sale - washes, recondar, repairs etc. Then we photograph it, maybe make videos for our popular YouTube channel and other digital media, advertise - and wait for customers.
  6. If we find a buyer, you as a customer do not have to think about exchange or financing - we handle everything internally, without it affecting the deal.
  7. A settlement is compiled after the sale, where all income and expenses as well as our commission are reported - and the money is paid out to you. In practice, it takes up to a week after delivery, as both bank payments and external financing take a few days to "arrive". 
  8. Should we presumably fail to sell the motorhome within the agreement's validity period - then it will cost you as the owners nothing. You are free to pick up the motorhome - without reimbursing our costs.

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